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MMM Nigeria has not, will not crash – Guiders

MMM Nigeria has not, will not crash – Guiders

Promoters of MMM Nigeria, known as Guiders have urged Nigerians to remain calm as the one month freezing of all accounts of the scheme is a measure adopted to ensure sustainability and stability of the scheme. The system which entails the Providing Help (PH) and the Getting Help (GH) also assured that there is nothing to worry about since the ‘FROZEN ACCOUNT’ period is even the best time to provide help. Sergey Mavrodi of inventor MMM They also said that the accounts will continue to grow with a 50% more benefit on the amount staked or provided (PH). The guiders took to the MMM Nigeria website to douse tension and provide explanations on the one month account freezing. Read full explanation below: “Good morning Mavrodians. What we are seeing now is the only practical measure to protect MMM Nigeria from danger. “A lot of news of MMM crash this December has been on the social media and other news and gossip. This has really affected the system. There were heavy conspiracies by financial institutions to collapse the system. What happened to the system last week would have been worse if GH is allowed today. Despite the holiday bonus, many participants were ready to GH today. The PH is not commensurate to the GH and this is the fear created by sponsored fake news. “The truth remains that the mavros in the system are safe until they are unfrozen. Those who have PH in the system shouldn’t cancel them because since all green mavro are frozen no PH will be paired. “For those who understand the system, what has happened is a temporary measure to save the system and saving the system is saving our money. If we are allowed to GH, by next week there may be no enough PH to pair the GH then the worst will happen. “This is a kind of caution taken to avert danger. So our mavros are safe. I encourage those who want to PH to still do their PH. The maturity is January and doesn’t change anything by then the system is back and stronger. “Don’t lose hope, all of us have mavros in the system and let’s not use because of this little set back forget what MMM has done for us and will do more if the system is safeguarded. “I personally feel the same way as you but it’s better to save the system than lose everything. “Some people are complaining why the Guiders were not informed and my response is, if the Guiders were informed the system will crash in less than 10mins of the information.” “The way you received the news is the way we Guiders received the news but we have the training that such thing may happen if there is evidence of danger ahead. This show how firm and protective MMM is structured.” “Let’s be optimistic and positive. This is our community, let’s protect it.” This message was sent out by MMM Nigeria Guiders who identified themselves as Guider DonVal Amaechi and Guider Philip Awazi. Recall that members of the scheme woke up Tuesday morning with a shock message displaying on their screens indicating that all access to requesting of fund, (Getting help) had been frozen till January 14. This caused panic and confusion among the over three million member participants of the scheme.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Are You Ready to Pay More for Your Data This December 1st? MTN to Increase Theirs by 300%, Rumor Claims.

Are You Ready to Pay More for Your Data This December 1st? MTN to Increase Theirs by 300%, Rumor Claims.

As if the recession isn’t enough, NCC has unofficially mandated all telcos to increase their data rates come December 1st!

Since it was an unofficial report, I still believed it to be a rumor, but MTN confirmed this by sending messages to their customers to reflect the coming changes.

According to rumors, the new mandate will see MTN’s data plans go from N1,000 for 1.5GB to N1000 for 500MB. Quite OUTRAGEOUS! If you ask me.

More update on this.

Samsung is Offering You a FREE Galaxy J1 Mini and Tab 3 Lite in the Black Friday Promo

Samsung is Offering You a FREE Galaxy J1 Mini and Tab 3 Lite in the Black Friday Promo

Samsung is giving you a chance to get three phones for the price of one. If you buy a Galaxy S7 edge or S7, you will get a free Galaxy J1 mini & Galaxy Tab 3 Lite from 3 pm on Thursday, 24th November 2016 until Monday, 28th November 2016.

See the full list of participating stores below. For more information, please visit www.samsungexperiencestore.com.

Unboxing The Infinix Zero 4 Plus — Infinix’s First 6-Digit-Priced Smartphone — 360° View Included.

Unboxing The Infinix Zero 4 Plus — Infinix’s First 6-Digit-Priced Smartphone — 360° View Included.

  Admit it, the price tag on the Infinix Zero 4 and the Zero 4 Plus probably got you feeling this way:


It’s either the recession caused a lot of havoc, or Infinix restrategized with their premium series by going the 6-digit-way. Whichever way you choose to look at it, you can’t deny the fact that the Zero 4 Plus has got some incredible specs, right?


So, what does it have to offer when it comes to its package, build and design? How about I tell you in 9 points.


Unlike the Phantom 6 Plus’s packaging that has a lot of paparazzi, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus is encased in a simple rectangular box.



Plus, you get to see the usual accessories:



However, Infinix added two new accessories — a clear phone case to protect the back of the device and tempered glass screen protector.



This is how it looks with the phone case:




The Zero 4 Plus has a full metal body, combine that with its 5.98-inch screen, and you are looking at a biggie.


I have not been a fan of Infinix design for a while now (Excluding the Hot S), but the back view of the Zero 4  Plus looks way better than the Zero 3.


All thanks to its antenna bands….


… And the Chaffed design which might feel edgy when holding it, but allows you get a good grip as well.

However, the front view still gives off the same Infinix look, nothing much going on there save the Gorilla glass.


Oh yeah, you get the on-screen buttons instead of the physical ones.


With the Zero 4 Plus, you are getting a Hybrid SIM — a choice between having 2 SIM cards and no memory card or 1 SIM card and one memory card.



Although the Infinix Zero 4 Plus is quite bulky in hand, it still feels slightly lighter than the Phantom 6 Plus which weighs about 209g.

Add the back case to it, and you are looking at a lot more weight



At the bottom of the device, you have your USB port — no, it is not a type-C port— and the speaker grills.

Don’t be fooled, though; the Infinix Zero 4 plus has a mono speaker.



The back view houses your fingerprint sensor, the 21MP camera with OIS and Laser Auto-focus.



Yup! This song came to mind (Don’t ask me why).


Only this time, I don’t think you can consider the bump a sexy one because it might be prone to scratches.


I always feel the need to make this a big deal because I can’t for the life of me understand why this should be missing from a Smartphone. But Infinix saved me from ranting by including a notification sensor on the Zero 4 Plus.


You also have the 13MP front camera with flash.


There is the 3.5mm jack on top.


While the volume and power buttons stay together.



A song that describes my first impression with the Zero 4 Plus:

The only difference is that I know what the Zero 4 Plus reminds me of, and I can’t wait to see what the Zero 4 plus has to offer.



First impression talk — I think Infinix played safe with the design, but while unboxing I played a little with the device and let’s just say, the Infinix Zero 4 Plus might just be a typical case of don’t judge a book by its “Front view.”

So, stay glued for the full review.

By the way, let me know if you want to see something new, either a comparison or anything.

Are You Ready to Pay More for Your Data This December 1st? MTN to Increase Theirs by 300%, Rumor Claims.

Are You Ready to Pay More for Your Data This December 1st? MTN to Increase Theirs by 300%, Rumor Claims.

As if the recession isn’t enough, NCC has unofficially mandated all telcos to increase their data rates come December 1st!

Since it was an unofficial report, I still believed it to be a rumor, but MTN confirmed this by sending messages to their customers to reflect the coming changes.

According to rumors, the new mandate will see MTN’s data plans go from N1,000 for 1.5GB to N1000 for 500MB. Quite OUTRAGEOUS! If you ask me.

More update on this.

Kwara State Wants to Be One of the Largest Tech Hubs in Nigeria, Plans to Build N500m ‘Computer Village’ in Ilorin.

Kwara State Wants to Be One of the Largest Tech Hubs in Nigeria, Plans to Build N500m ‘Computer Village’ in Ilorin.

Last week, Kwara State Governor, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, performed the groundbreaking of Harmony Hub, Kwara State’s version of the popular Computer Village, in Ilorin. The entire project is estimated to cost 500 million Naira

Speaking at the groundbreaking, the Governor said the Computer Village would directly employ about 600 youths when fully operational.

In his words:

“Nigeria’s ICT sector is reputed as the largest in Africa with $18 billion investments and 28 percent internet penetration as of 2013,” the governor said.

“Countries around the world are competing to be the next technological innovations and the associated prosperity and Nigeria is not left out ….”

“The project also announces Kwara as a potential largest technological hub in Nigeria outside Lagos state.’’

However, a lot of people feel that the move is borne out of misplaced priority. According to an interview Premium Times had with a student of the faculty of Information and Communication Sciences, University of Ilorin, Notiki Bello:

“I think it is really not necessary. The challenge is the known hub in Ilorin. I do not think it should be changed, but it could be upgraded. Also, the space allotted for the new hub is really small. If truly there is going to be a technology boom in Kwara, that space won’t contain it,” he said.

Even if Notiki’s concern is valid, I think the fact that Kwara State government is making Technology a priority deserves this:

What do you think?

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blazing - How to Dial and Get Free Airtime in MTN season of surprise

Blazing - How to Dial and Get Free Airtime in MTN season of surprise

This another season of surprise, from MTN as they’ve got you covered which is another way, MTN is saying thank you to their entire committed customers. However, Gifts of season of surprise might be different depending on the plan and how you use your sim.      

      All you need to know about MTN Season Of Surprise MTN season of surprise is easy to enjoy You stand a chance to enjoy over 400mins of calls Over 200% bonus of your recharge awaits you ( Recharge N200 and get N700 and 20mb ) Each customer get a unique bonus offer,  MTN season of surprise is packaged to give you more value for browsing, calling and texting, depending on your usage.

How Does it work? To start unlocking, MTN season of surprise dial *142# on your MTN line and you’ll be surprise the awoof you’ll see there.  I dialed my MTN line and I got the offer to pay N5000 and get N1666mb + 24500Min of free calls valid for 30days.  Yours will be different from mine, when you dial the code as is designed on how you use your sim,  but you might just be lucky to get 2GB of data for N200.

So what are you waiting for?

Saturday, 26 November 2016

MMM Popularity Continues, Scheme’s Website Ranks Top 5 Most Visited In Nigeria

MMM Popularity Continues, Scheme’s Website Ranks Top 5 Most Visited In Nigeria

The online page of a controversial deposit money scheme, MMM, has taken a spot amongst the most visited websites in Nigeria, according to Web traffic monitor, Alexa.com.

Statistics available on Alexa, a standard for online traffic evaluation, show that MMM maintained the 5th position for the most part of November, edging out major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and online retailer, Jumia.com.

PREMIUM TIMES could not find a spokesperson for MMM to comment for this story, but the spike in its online presence might not be unconnected with its growing popularity amongst Nigerians.

Nigerians continue to patronise the scheme —which promises a return of up to 30 per cent on every investment within 30 days— despite all warnings from the appropriate authorities to desist.

The Central Bank of Nigeria recently rolled out a radio and television blitz warning Nigerians not to risk their incomes on the scheme, all to no avail.

Members of the House of Representatives were criticised by some MMM particiP@nts when they called for immediate crackdown on promoters of the scheme earlier this month.

Typical allegations from online commenters were about how the lawmakers were trying to block a critical means of livelihood for the masses.

This week, the group marked its first anniversary in the country by donating gifts to the internally displaced persons in the Federal Capital Territory.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that members of the community as part of their activities marking the exercise tagged: “MMM Cares”, donated relief materials to IDPs at the Gwoza and Bama Camps in Abuja.

They donated bags of rice, garri, cartons of beverages and noodles as well as clothing, and drugs, NAN said.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Why MMM Membership Continues to Grow Despite House of Reps’ Order to Arrest Promoters

Why MMM Membership Continues to Grow Despite House of Reps’ Order to Arrest Promoters

The highly controversial financial scheme, MMM, has come under serious fire in recent times, however members of the scheme appear not to be bothered at all.



Some Abuja residents on Thursday have opened up about what they feel about the popular financial programme, MMM Nigeria Scheme.


According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, they revealed that they have benefited immensely from MMM and have no intention of leaving the scheme anytime soon.


The Mavrodi Mondial Movement popularly known as MMM has gained popularity among Nigerians as the programme promises a monthly payment of 30 per cent interest on loans provided by particiP@nts.


This is against the backdrop of the House of Representatives order in November that operators of the scheme should be arrested to protect Nigerians from financial devastation.


NAN reports that in spite of the order, MMM’s membership had continued to grow. Some residents who spoke to NAN said that MMM was very beneficial to Nigerians.


Ebube osakwe, a civil servant told NAN that she doesn’t see the programme as a Ponzi scheme and believed it could help many Nigerians.


“When I heard about it, I was skeptical at first, but I decided to test the system by putting in N20,000 to see if I would get the money they claimed.


“To my surprise, a month later, I got my N20,000 with my 30 per cent interest and an extra bonus.


“I was amazed by the success so I put more money into the system and have benefitted from it.


“This programme has helped many Nigerians deal with this recession so I don’t see the wrong in it.”


Godwin D!ckson, a mechanic said that the scheme had helped him with his finances, adding that it had assisted him immensely in paying his debts.


“I don’t care what anyone has to say about MMM because as far as I am concerned, it has saved my life.


“I have paid off my debts and I have been able to generate extra change to take care of my household.


“I owed someone a large sum of money and someone introduced me to MMM and loaned me N500,000 to put into the scheme.


“The money I got back was able to clear all my debts at once and I was able to finally breathe again.


“I am aware of the risks of this programme, but it is also a lifesaver and I will advise more Nigerians to get involved at least for now that it seems safe,” he said.


Joyce Okoh, an entrepreneur, said that she was certain the business would crash at a point, but she would take advantage of it while it lasts.


“I know that this programme has failed before in some countries and I admit it is a sort of Ponzi scheme but why should I complain when I am benefitting from it?


“MMM is bound to fail whether the government bans it or not, because the process is supported by new members funding the profits to be made by older members which will crash at some point.


“However, I have made a large sum of money from this programme and I am willing to continue reaping the benefits it is offering for now.


“I just have to ensure I don’t get greedy and invest my whole savings or sell my property like many people have done because when it crashes, people will become suicidal.


“I think the key thing here is to know your limit and know when to bow out of the programme,” she said.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How To Get Free #1000 Airtime From Etisalat 2016

How To Get Free #1000 Airtime From Etisalat 2016

Get free #1000 airtime from Etisalat by just downloading their app called “MyEtialate App” and getfree #1000 airtimewhen you download, Install, And and create an account, Then leave the MyEtisalat app for three (3) days in your phone.

How to get free #1000 from Etisalat

Kindly follow the above instructions, And download the app from the link below.

“Tired of remembering subscription codes? Download myetisalat App within 3days & get FREE N1000 airtimewhen you create an account.

Click http://bit.ly/22u4Dj8 ”

So this surely means when you download the MyEtisalat App and create an account, within 3days, you will be given Free N1000 Airtime.

NOTE; that you might not get the free #1000 Airtime from Etisalat ooo!.

Reason because I don’t know if is only those who got the message that canget the free #1000 airtime!!!

What do you think about thefree #1000 airtime from Etisalat?Do you think is everyone who will benefit from it ?

Thursday, 17 November 2016



There is a line from a play by Kola Onadipe that I read in primary school, Halima Must Not Die, that returns to me on days like this one. In the play, someone had asked the lead character why she allowed herself to be deceived by religious charlatans who were simply milking her for her money. She responded, “If you cannot get the truth to buy, won’t you buy a lie?”

As I type this article about an ongoing moneymaking scheme in town called MMM, and the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua, I am aware that there can be no objective definition of “truth” or “lie” in either case.

Here and there, Nigerians talk about MMM, some kind of “wonder bank” where you invest some money and within weeks, you get a 30 per cent return. The scheme is apparently popular and a few people in my circle are involved as well. The MMM scheme does not work like other Ponzi schemes but it uses a business strategy that is unsustainable in the long run. The question is not whether it will crash or not, it is a matter of when. I asked acquaintances who were involved if they were aware that the programme was a resurgence of “Wonder Bank” that collapsed just some years ago. They were quite aware even though they were positive that the MMM would last longer than “Wonder Bank”. I also asked if they knew that the MMM had failed in countries like South Africa and Russia; it turns out that they knew that detail quite well too. None of these folk, by the way, are illiterates (and no, I did not just suggest that non-literate people are incapable of making sound decisions). These guys are quite educated, they can access information where and when necessary, and they know the risks involved. So, why do it, I asked them.

One responded that it was like buying a lottery ticket but with a higher guarantee of returns. They all said they have seen people’s investments go down in the banks, stock exchange, forex trading, and similar ventures. If the MMM fails, what will be new? While they have learnt to hedge their bets more perspicaciously, they are also mentally prepared for the inevitable. No government, they swore, can dissuade them from the venture.

While I concede that not every investor is as discerning, and some poor people out there are genuinely convinced that the MMM is running a shadowy Wall Street, the interactions with these friends gave me another perspective into the reasoning that drives people to make such risky and desperate investment choices. Not everyone is an ignoramus expecting the soil to yield a harvest beyond the earth’s abilities; some of the investors are simply trying to cash into a dysfunctional system. Like they noted, a number of financial institutions have collapsed in Nigeria, taking people’s money and livelihoods with them. The institutions vested with responsibilities to prevent and punish these failures have not always been diligent. Some of the individuals behind the failures of those financial institutions are currently seated in the highest echelons of our legislative institutions, the hallow (and hollow) chambers; they are the ones who now write the ethical codes for our society. When a society is short of truth and justice, who is surprised people buy a lie and panel beat it?

Lately, the House of Representatives called on law enforcement agencies to arrest the promoters of the MMM. I wish I could look those lawmakers in the eye and tell them how ridiculous they sound. If they were a little more reflective, they would find that the biggest Ponzi scheme operating in Nigeria today is organised government; the lawmakers themselves are a major beneficiary of the fraudulent project of governance. The Representatives can spend all day pontificating on Nigerians’ reckless habit of throwing their monies into the MMM, and how much they will hurt when the venture goes burst, they will not get anywhere. People’s patronage of the MMM is a symptom of Nigeria’s current dysfunctionality and if the lawmakers listen to people’s justification of their investment, they will understand that every self-destructive habit runs on an in-built logic.

The rather rational approach of the MMM investors made me think about Pastor TB Joshua and his prophetic enterprise in the wake of the United States of America presidential election. Anyone who knows Joshua knows that prophecies – or informed guesses, if you are a cynic – are his specialisation. He is well-known in not only Nigeria and Africa, but in fact, parts of Latin America as well. Recently, while working on an academic paper on politics and religion in Africa, I asked friends from Ghana and South Africa to give me the name of pastors whose activities affect their local politics so I could read up on them. The two of them mentioned Joshua before their local pastors!

When Joshua dabbled in predicting the winner of the US presidential election, you could tell that he was reading the same tea leaves as everyone else. He was most likely following the polls that gave the lead to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Quantitative polling, any social scientist knows, has one huge limitation: it does not capture human complexity or reveal attitudes which people choose to keep private. In a post-election polling, people admitted they kept their choice of presidential candidate, Trump, personal because they were embarrassed at his lack of character and poor conduct. Like many people, Joshua believed too much in the nobility and sophistication of Americans to have expected they would vote a seeming buffoon like Trump as president. Joshua’s “prophecy” missed things by a mile and immediately it was obvious Trump would win, people congregated on the Internet to ridicule him and his ridiculous habit of prophecies.

I knew at the time the jokes started that this incident would change nothing in Joshua’s fortunes. One only needs to look at a popular Abuja pastor and the way he parried his alleged adultery scandal to realise that religious leaders know their audience. They know most people in their congregation will never walk away in disgust, not necessarily because they lack the gumption or that personal integrity means nothing to them, but because the religious leaders embody the truth that works for them in some other ways. Paul Ricouer, a philosopher, describes people’s acceptance of religious truths as levels of naiveté. First naiveté is the point people take religious truth literally; second naiveté, they accept it as symbolism and their attitude is more of pragmatic adjustments to the realities of how their world is structured and which would not change even if they walk away from their faith.

By the way, Joshua won a curious victory nevertheless: although Clinton lost the Electoral College, she won the popular vote. Joshua triumphantly hung to that little detail in a statement he released to clarify his “prophecy”. He went further to suggest that those who now gloat at his gaffe are simply not on the same spiritual wavelength as he is. Rather than admit he is wrong, he quickly muddles the pool and pushes back at his critics for their lack of second sight. On his social media pages, his followers and devotees have lapped up this explanation and they are quietly bleating, “Emmanuel!” to the tune of this charlatanism.

After Joshua’s church in Lagos collapsed last year, one would have expected his members to realise that prophecy or not, he does not see further than his own nose. Instead, they rallied around him and even spread his story of a mysterious aircraft. For the life of me, I do not believe everybody in such a large church is that undiscerning, they might have simply accepted that even a lie could be true. You only need to shift your meaning of “truth” and there, it works just as well.

Article written by Abimbola Adelakun of Punch newspapers..

CBN approves MMM as a legal financial institution, tells Nigerians to take advantage

CBN approves MMM as a legal financial institution, tells Nigerians to take advantage

The Central Bank of Nigeria governor has approved the operation of Russian ponzi scheme, MMM, and has called on all Nigerians to take advantage of the awoof.

Since the beginning of the year, the Mavrodi Mondial Movement organisation has helped many Nigerians get out of poverty by dashing them up to 30% interest when they invest in it.

It has generated a lot of controversy within the country, and the EFCC had warned people not to put their money into it. The participants of the scheme have also blasted the EFCC for poking their nose into the affairs of well meaning foreigners that have come to rescue them from money issues.

In a statement given to our reporter in the parking lot of the CBN Headquarters in Abuja, the CBN governor allayed the fears of skeptical Nigerians and disclosed that thorough checks carried out on the organisation show that it is a legitimate investment facility. A top official at the Ministry of Finance confided in us that even the federal government has invested the sum of N100b in it so that the interest of N30b can be reinvested in capital projects across the nation.
As a result, our reporter has sold his belongings to raise money for MMM. He is confident that in four weeks, he too would have hammered. We will bring you reports on how that goes.

MMM Member Shows Off His Lexus Jeep He Just Bought

MMM Member Shows Off His Lexus Jeep He Just Bought

Facebook user Potokri Forgive, who happened to be a member of controversial scheme MMM, took to his page to share photos of his new automobile on his Facebook page while also advising his friends to invest in the scheme.

He wrote:

“God bless MMM Nigeria, New Lexus 330 to my garage….”

Congrats to him, we just hope EFCC nor find am reach house.